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When you need an executive but can only afford an intern…
Accordus is the answer.

Complete Mission

When there is more mission left at the end of the money. Mission fails when structure is absent. Accordus is the structure expert to support you.


Accordus works on a monthly contract within your budget. Organizational excellence
at the cost of an intern.

Accordus Guidance

Board members want to provide guidance, not do the day-to-day work. Accordus works as your back-office staff for the board and the director.


Accordus has experts to handle accounting, donor communication, fundraising,
and 501c3 annual filings.

Office Work

Back-office work is disruptive to the visionary of an organization. Accordus does the office work while you advance the mission.


Accordus is the office staff when you are working. We answer the phone, manage the inbox, schedule organizational calendar, and are the team doing the office work while you accomplish the mission.

Our executives will work hand in hand with your staff and along-side your board.

Accordus staffed executives have set up structure for organizations from formation all the way through $15M annually. Without the right systems and processes, no organization can grow to long-term success. Let our team of executives, staff accountants, and clerical staff serve as your back-office while you accomplish the mission.

Most boards are volunteer. Most Directors work 60 hours a week and can’t get it all done. Partner with Accordus to have weekly progress being made in areas that don’t fit into the 60 hours.

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