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Accordus / Our Team

Shae is the Founder and CEO of Accordus and has a unique skill set to add fuel to a fire from the # 2 seat. Owning 2 businesses in the healthcare industry, employing 65 employees, starting 5 non-profits, serving on 10+ boards : Growing organizations to accomplish their missions is Shae’s mission.

Accordus Staff Accountant

Accordus has experienced staff accountants with 10+ years in non-profit accounting. These accountants handle all daily accounting activities.

Accordus Accountant

Accordus has contracted with a Tax CPA to handle all annual filings and compliance items for Accordus clients.

Accordus Clerical Staff

Accordus has clerical staff who handle all daily deposits, phone answering, calendar management, and office tasks for clients. This is the team that takes any tasks you have and delivers results.